Dr Lydia Taiwo is a survivor of horrific, grievous bodily harm and child abuse. She has over sixty injuries and scars all over her body. There are six on her face and eight on her head which are visible to the naked eye, all at the hands of her parents, most especially her mother.
Lydia has been very resilient over the years, carrying the wounds, the pain and heartache, but through it all, she has been able to forgive her parents and move on with her life. She does not consider herself a victim but a victor. Her faith in God has played a major role in her recovery from abuse.
‘Having suffered abuse doesn’t mean you have to be an abuser yourself’ is her motto
Lydia has written other books and raises awareness about child abuse and its impact later on in life.
Many lives have been damaged and broken as a result of child abuse. Many have, sadly, even lost their lives. She prays for this book to help millions of people all over the world, to rise up from broken and shine again.
Dr Lydia Taiwo is happily married to David, and they both have six children.